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July 20th, 2012

Colorado Tragedy

Last night, James Homes, 24 years old and a failed Neuroscience PHD candidate at the local University in Aurora Colorado, open fired on innocent citizens sitting in a darkened movie theater waiting for the recent "Batman" installment. This sniveling coward sneaked in at the beginning of the movie, covered in military-like armor (a gas mask, and army-like rifle, etc.), and after dropping a gas bomb, he then began shooting at random.

There was understandable pandemonium and complete chaos as people tried to escape and as they did, Holmes shot and killed 12 (as of this writing) Colorado movie goers. One; a four month old baby. Many more have been hospitalized and are in serious condition.

As the investigation moved forward, the police and FBI discovered Holmes apartment had been booby trapped. Holmes actually confessed that he'd left an explosive in the inside, so the building has been evacuated and everyone's approaching this with extreme caution. The police say this could take hours, or it could take days.

The "Batman" premiere has been postponed, and the President as well as candidate Romney have suspended their campaigning for the day.

The country is in mourning today for the dead, and praying for the surviving.

Please don't stay home tonight. It won't help. We have to keep going and we have to keep moving. Staying inside and retreating just gives these people power over us. Don't feed into it. If you need to mourn and you need to be sad or angry, do that. But don't let it stop you from doing whatever it was you were going to do today. That's not what we're about.


Holmes would hate that.