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July 12th, 2012

Kirk Cameron's Hate

As the numbers grow higher in the US, as more Americans realize gay marriages have absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with anyone else's, people like Mr. Cameron seem older, dustier, and more out of touch than ever before. It's the same speech you've heard a thousand times by now: God's design, man and woman, and always slipped in there somewhere is the word: "Traditional".

The word traditional is really at the crux of their argument, and if you take a look back through time, that's always been true. There have always been people in our country who've wanted to hearken back to the 'good ole days'. It doesn't matter where you stop in history, there always seemed to be a much better era Way Back When.

It's the kind of thing Grandpa says at Thanksgiving:

"When I was a kid..."

And the conversation usually ends with the younger generation either falling asleep in the sweet potatoes, or leaving the room.

The far right is attempting the same sleep aid with their failed attempts to lie to, cajole, and try to make fools of the American public. They've tried it in court and after court, and whenever it's left up to the law we live by, they consistently lose. And they lose because they have no foundation. They have no reason to hate us, with the possible exception that they've been told they're supposed to by their own parents. They want us stopped and they want us silent.

They've got a new tactic now. They're smartened up. They've been watching and they've been taking notes. They know this Bullying thing rings true for a lot of Americans, and they're not about to let that ship sail. Their big ploy now is to play the victim. Shouting from the roof tops that they're now the ones being discriminated against, hated, and hunted, and being silenced. Their religious freedom is squelched. They're not free to hate and to pass laws igniting their prejudice and they're pissed about it.

But...it's failing. They're losing. They're running out of options.

And as fading star Kirk Cameron drums up the same rhetoric we've heard since women wanted the vote and Blacks wanted to go to school, they themselves are the last dinosaurs still standing. As usual, they're the last ones to know.

But never fear, they'll be back. After Marriage Equality passes across the country, which is only a matter of time, someone else will be next. Another minority is merely a cliche away.