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July 8th, 2012

Matt and The Musical Women

I've posted about Matt before, and his videos (every, single one of them) are always extraordinary. So, if you're a regular reader, you know what you're in for. Just play it, watch it, and you're life will be better. But...you know that already.

If you're new here, you're in for a true treat.

What could become a half-hearted attempt at lip synching famous women throughout Tony history, turns into a fabulous, delicious, magnificent, and yes...at times...moving, piece of Art. This young man not only knows and loves these people, they seem to live in him. This isn't about impersonation (although that's certainly a gift he possesses) this is about honoring these artists and exploring them in brand new, beautiful ways. His ability to find these Gestures and these Shapes and these Tempos within himself is uncanny. The music is coming from somewhere inside him. It's in the middle of him and it seems to be constantly bubbling and churning. This is a lesson in release. This isn't about Putting Stuff On, this is about Taking Stuff Off. I feel like I know Matt better after this piece. I feel like he's given something, like he's taking chances, jumping off something dangerous.

And truly...who knows Barbara Harris' Shape in "Apple Tree"? How is that even possible?

His Christine Ebersole is not be believed. Watch his Shape. The way he leans in, covers himself, it's him not only being Ebersole, it's him being Little Edie as well.

Whatever it is you're doing, stop for a minute and watch. You won't be sorry.

He and I are destined to meet. I can feel it. And I can only pray, it's in class. He has a lot to teach me.