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Sochi and Us

I have been thrown in jail. I have been covered in eggs from loud boys in passing cars as I walked down the street. I have been called names, shoved, tripped and punched in the face. I was pummeled by a boy outside of my school as two teachers stood by the entrance watching. I was thrown down stairs and and doused with purple paint. Educators, parents and adults in charge were uninterested in my bullying, nor were they able to prevent it, mainly because when I was growing up, bullying was what everyone told me was "part of being a kid".

I needed to learn how to take care of myself.

So I ran to drugs, I ran to booze, I ran to sex, and I ran away. I wish I'd had someone on my side. I wish I'd had someone to speak for me, to speak to me, to speak when everything else went silent. I was alone and I had nowhere else to go.

There is a newness in the air, now that we are growing up as a race of people. We are able to see into each other and past what we believe is right and wrong. We are able to dream in total. We include everyone when we hope and we pray everyone inlcudes us. And this needs to be carried across the Universe until it becomes the law.

Not just here where we live. Everywhere we travel.


No one need suffer alone, when are so many of us to help.