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Video Friday (Belting Divas)

There’s almost too much to say here.

This is a clip fest you won’t ever forget, and I have to say Thank God for the twenty-something who put this together and posted it. It gives me great hope for this younger generation.

Every performer on here knows the difference between shouting and Proclaiming. It’s not about loudness. It’s about bigness. When something huge is happening to you, it fills you up and you simply Go. You don’t think, you don’t plan, you don’t take careful steps toward the next thing. You just go. And these actors feel that in them. They live there. In each of these performances, you can see something massive going on inside them. This isn’t a simple list of songs. This is music that changes them, and in the interim, they change us. We are different because of the truth they’re releasing. Art, for me, is about giving something away. I go to the theater so I can come out different than when I walked in. I want to experience you. And you have to give something up in order for that to happen.

Watch their Gestures, their Shapes, even their Topography…the way they move along the world. Stephanie Mills for example who sings “Home” from: The Wiz. The steps she takes AS she's proclaiming about Home is gorgeous. They literally lead her to the center where she stands in the middle of everything telling us what's true for her and what's happening to her. Her path is clear and there isn't a moment of hesitation. No thinking. No planning. Just her, her path, and her heart: bare and honest. And then she finds herself going straight into the audience as the clip fades. She just keeps going.

Everything on here is gorgeous and moving and heart stopping.

This is everything for me. This is Art.

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