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It's The Suit That Makes The Woman

Whether or not we’ll eventually have a woman in the White House, and a First Man by her side is not the question. The question really is: Whose gonna be the guinea pig? I believe Hillary has a good shot. I don’t know that I love everything she stands for, I don’t know that she’d be an ideal President, and I don’t know if I’d vote for her. None of that is the issue at the moment.

For me, the interesting thing is that there seems to be a general consensus that Ms Clinton needs to be manly. She needs to shake babies and kiss hands the way the boys do. That will help ensure a post for her in American political history.

That, I believe, is not true.

On the contrary, I think Hillary needs to find her inner chick. I have to say her ability to become a bit feminine is all but dried up. Consider Bush Sr. when he broke down about what it was like sending troops to war, and think of the many pictures of LBJ, head in hands, distraught, meager, unhinged. I’m not making a statement about sexuality, or gender, or even male or female attributes. I’m trying to get a woman in the position of the greatest power in the world to act like a woman in the position of the greatest power in the world.

It bothered me the way she handled her husband’s affair. I didn’t understand it. I didn’t like it. I saw nothing from her. I saw a stoic, meteoric stand still. A wall that seemed to shut her off from whatever was going on inside. I like Presidents to be people. As much as I despise him, (and there aren’t enough words), when 9/11 happened, and Bush Jr. rode around in a jeep with a bullhorn talking about getting the bastards, I could see his commitment. I knew he was feeling something real.

I need to see that from Hillary. I need to see something that reminds me she gives a hoot.

I’m not talking about her going on a shopping spree, or flitting over to the Channel counter for a well needed make over (who wears blue eye shadow anymore? Honestly.) I’m talking about letting us in. If she let me in a bit more, I might be more apt to buy what she’s selling.


Jul. 19th, 2006 10:57 pm (UTC)
I cannot tell that she has a soul, and that coldness scares the daylights outta me.
"She needs to shake babies and kiss hands the way the boys do." - 1) Bwahaha! 2)Some comic, probably Carlin, says in one of his rants that it's pathetic how women must put on the clothes (80s shoulder pads from hell, anyone?) and the mannerisms (callous effectiveness underlined by obsessive selfserving) of the worst aspects of men to 'succeed'. Always worried me that the patriarical society will stay on top regardless of the gender of the person running things unless we're careful in who we chose.